(released in 2006) United Artists Theaters

Produced, Directed, Filmed by Donna Marek

This fast-paced, action-packed feature length film hit theaters in 2006. It chronicles the real lives and work of law enforcement officers, firefighters and paramedics with an in-depth first-hand account which has mesmerized audiences. Filming took two years to complete. Interviews and on-the-spot filming lend an exciting edge to this film. No portion was dramatized. And, unlike the news, the emphasis is the professionals not the victims. It has received positive and extensive media coverage from Network TV, including NBC and ABC as well as feature articles and other newspaper coverage. The Director’s theme and goal were that all the agencies come together to save lives.

"You blew me away with it," said Deputy Paul Dunphy, a DUI specialist. "You portrayed law enforcement accurately," said Sheriff George Epp. The film covers all the bases. Here are a few examples. .

  • A dramatic multi-car accident where several agencies struggle to save lives
  • A high speed motor chase for a felon with multiple warrants
  • A poignant scene with firefighters, police, sheriff’s deputies, emergency rescue units, paramedics saving the life of an alcohol-poisoned young transient
  • An officer tenderly caring for a cat hit by a car
  • SWAT in training and action
  • DUI stops, arrests and taking the roadside tests
  • An officer explains why he stopped a car
  • Classroom training for firefighters and police reserve units
  • Scenes with the Explorer Scouts and Reserves
  • Behind-the-scene in a jail booking room

Multi-award winning producer and director of photography Donna Marek said, "I felt compelled to make this film. People need to see what these professionals do for us every day."


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