TV Series

The Donna Marek Show         Host/Producer   Donna Marek

A weekly upscale multi-award winning magazine format series. Topics included· Historic places and antiques, children who own businesses, multi-million dollar award winning houses, notable architects, world renown sports figures, restaurant profiles,  youth and alcohol today, hotels to name a few.

Donna Marek Presents         Host/Producer   Donna Marek

A weekly talk show with high profile guests recently including:

Michael Connelly, New York Times best-selling mystery author, Dennis LeHane, author of Mystic River adapted to screen for Academy Award, famed attorney and author Gerry Spence, Colleen McCullough, author of The Thorn Birds, and Robert Zubrin, lead scientist on the Mars exploration studies among numerous others.

Good Sports                       Producer/Director Donna Marek

Award winning weekly extreme sports series covering snowboarding, mountain bike racing, ice climbing, kayaking and interviews with Olympians and sport pioneers.



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