Crème de Carmel

The author has a great fondness for this area, which has provided her with extraordinary experiences as a resident over the years. In Creme de Carmel, a best-selling social history book with numerous photos, she shares Carmel's entertaining story. This book gives the reader a behind-the-scenes look.

Long before Clint Eastwood put Carmel on the map, the small city on the California coast had already built a reputation as a retreat for eccentrics from all walks of life as well as a being a magnet for artists, writers, actors, pensioners and other escapists.

Carmel, California is revered and awed throughout the world for its beauty; a place to remember. From the time Carmel's rich heritage began with the first Native American inhabitants to the explorers, missionaries and those who have followed, people have developed a passion for this place by the sea, which is not easily overcome. From movie stars to ranchers, teachers, artists and marine biologists, people make Carmel the special place it is today.

The true fascination of Carmel, though, may still be the many oddities that make it unabashedly unique among California coastal towns; its houses with names and not numbers; its seemingly complacent population whose average age exceeds 55; its unending crises over ice cream cones, zoning restrictions, and water; and its peculiar ordinances, which include a law against wearing high heeled shoes.

On a less whimsical level, Creme de Carmel also focuses on the region's natural beauty, and the fact that it has been the locale for over 200 feature films from “The Muppet Movie” to “Play Misty For Me.”   The community revealed in this book is like no other in America.









Donna Marek has an extensive multi-media background. She was recruited by Clint Eastwood to serve as his media consultant during his successful 1986 campaign for Mayor of Carmel, and continued working with him throughout his term as Mayor of Carmel and thereafter on various projects. Marek is a multi-award-winning film and TV producer/director also including TV series and specials. .She was a photo feature journalist for national publications, newspapers and covered the Olympics. A long-term resident of Pebble Beach, Donna divides her time between California and Colorado.

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